Developing ICanBoogie, I always try my best to make it fast despite adding nicer and nicer features. I had very nice timings with PHP 5.6 but now with PHP 7 it's on another level. For instance, on this shared host (around 4€/month), it takes ICanBoogie 1ms to boot and 5 ms to return a response for the home page; that is routing, checking for new/updated articles, fetching records, rendering… and all that stuff. Basically, it's 3 times faster with PHP 7.

You can check it out for yourself in the source code of the page, with a comment at the top similar to this one:

<!-- booted in: 1.223 ms, completed in 4.705 ms -->

On the /api/ping endpoint (, which is often used to check the overhead of the framework, timings are similar to this:

pong, in 1.818 ms (ready in 1.214 ms)

PHP 7 and all that jazz

Speed improvements aside, PHP 7 has so many great features I can't wait to implement:


ICanBoogie is pretty fast, with PHP 7 it's faster.