It started as an exercise to try out the features implemented in ICanBoogie v3.0, without the comfort of Icybee. Something that would allow me to discover areas of improvement by trying different approaches and test limits.

The blog is built on the controller/model/view/render foundation. Articles are available as Markdown files. They are converted into records and stored in a SQLite database. A hash is used to check if an article has been updated. The date and slug of the article come from its filename; its title is extracted form the Markdown file rendered using Parsedown. View templates are classic PHP files. Statistics are appended to the rendered HTML and include ICanBoogie boot time as well as the complete time. Highlight.js is used to highlight code examples and Bootstrap v4-alpha (living on the edge!) is used for style… albeit there's not much to style.

The code is available on GitHub:

I already have a blog in French (, hopefully this new beginning in English will encourage me to share my experiences more regularly. It's not the new year yet, but it's my resolution, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it.