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Hi! I'm Olivier 👋 Welcome to my blog. I write about what I do as Staff Engineer. I also write about my open-source projects and software development in general. I enjoy a bit of singing, in a choir or a karaoke bar, but I don't write about that. I'm originally from Toulouse in France, but I've been living in Berlin since 2014. Still dressing in colors though.

You can browse my articles on the home page or check my résumé below. You can also find me on GitHub and LinkedIn. Or you can follow me on Twitter before it collapses.

Professional Summary

I'm usually appreciated for my support, ownership, autonomy, drive for excellence, communication skills, and expertise in creating or improving system designs. I thrive working on multi-team, cross-functional projects. I led all of them with success.



Wayfair・Staff Engineer | ・Berlin

My team owned the carrier networks. We created an application that was ingesting data from many carriers to provide a standardized interface to our internal services. The data would include stations, lanes, operating times, and ancillary entities.

HelloFresh・Staff Engineer | ・ Berlin

Rocket Internet sent me to HelloFresh for six months to support their rapid growth before they hired me. Within six years, I grew up from Senior Engineer to Chapter Lead, then Staff Engineer.

Rocket Internet・Senior Software Engineer | ・ Berlin

Backend development. I joined a team mid-project and helped deliver Vendito, a rival to OLX and Gumtree.

Monkees・Senior Software Engineer | ・ Berlin

Fullstack development on personal CMS and Drupal. Created a client for Salesforce's API. CI/CD with Jenkins and Travis-CI. Some references: 3SI, TransitionsPro, Réseau Mazda, Intermarché, Nutrikéo, and Pfizer.

Hima360・Software Engineer | ・ Toulouse

Backend development on personal CMS, Wordpress, and Drupal. Some references: Atalian, Berger-Levrault, Cancer-bio-santé, Compobaie, Curtina, Emailvision, Europa-organisation, Eurorégion, and Pole Star.

Orealys・Software Engineer | ・ Toulouse

Backend development. Modernization of the in-house CMS (Isens Evolution). Punctual trainer in French and English on the in-house CMS. Some references: Agronutrition, APEM, CCI Ariège, Lingari, and Sylob.

Freelance・Developer and Designer | ・ Toulouse

Design and Fullstack development. Some references: chilia.fr, cinqcinq.com, leventre.com, and sideralsante.fr.

Other experiences

Video editor. Short movies party organizer. Queer party organizer / DJ. Gave up on my bachelor in Psychology to become a developer.

Open-source contributions

Here are a few highlights of my open-source contributions. More on GitHub.