I just released ICanBoogie/CLDR v1.7 with support for plurals. A lot of work to find what pluralization rules a language use, or what pluralization rule should be applied to format a number. You see, depending on the language the rules may vary, some languages such English or French pluralize anything that is not 0 or 1, but other languages like Arabic have more subtleties and will distinguish zero, one, two, few and many.

ICanBoogie's CLDR follows the rules defined by the Unicode's CLDR, and makes it easy to find the plural rules for a language, or for a number:


/* @var $repository ICanBoogie\CLDR\Repository */

$repository->plurals->rules_for('fr'); // [ 'one', 'other' ]
$repository->plurals->rules_for('ar'); // [ 'zero', 'one', 'two', 'few', 'many', 'other' ]

$repository->plurals->rule_for(1.5, 'fr'); // 'one'
$repository->plurals->rule_for(2, 'fr'); // 'other'
$repository->plurals->rule_for(2, 'ar'); // 'twe'

Now that this feature is implemented I'll be able to work on units formatting and maybe some other things.

If you wish to learn more about ICanBoogie's CLDR please check its documentation.