About Olivier Laviale

Olivier works at HelloFresh as tech-daddy for recipes and menus. Passionate about system architecture, he also takes care of the API that is serving mobile and web applications, refactoring bits here and there, making sure it sparkles.

Olivier is a veteran software craftman, with more than 25 years of experience in software design, development, and architecture. Self thought, he started programming at 14, copying lines after lines of BASIC on his cousin's 6128. At age 18 he bought an Amiga 1200, that changed his life forever. He created LotanLibs to extend BasicBlitz2; and Feelin to create and maintain applications and their UI with XML and CSS. Building Feelin's website he discovered PHP and a brand new world to explore.

Since then he created ICanBoogie, a super fast micro-framework; Brickrouge a collection of libraries to create and animate HTML elements; IDependOnYou, a super tiny AMD implementation; Icybee, a buzzing CMS; and a bunch of little things… As a firm open-source believer, he also contributed to multiple projects such as MooTools, Bootstrap, MacDown, gfm_viewer, html5please, ApiGen, and Composer.

You can find Olivier on GitHub and Twitter.